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  1. I have noticed my daughter is more confident when reading. She is taking her time and sounding the words out. Ms. Bonnie is very patient with her, and my daughter absolutely loves Ms. Bonnie.

    ~ Elbert J.

  2. My child answered question #7 “My child has a positive experience at the Children’s Dyslexia Center.” She said it is so repetitive and nothing changes week to week. I explained the structure of the program, but mixing it up is something that keeps her “in-tune” & I guess that is why she finds it boring.

    I have heard time and again that she feels nothing has improved. It is difficult for her to feel a difference; HOWEVER, I see a tremendous difference. I see progress in decoding unknown words and encoding using the new “rules” she has learned. I may stop her as she is struggling with writing a tricky word and offer a clue – vowel team, single syllable/short vowel, blend, etc. and she is able to accurately encode the word then.

    We benefit immensely from the daily concept sheets as I incorporate those into our homeschool lesson plans.

    ~ Nikki F.

  3. Without the center I’m not sure where we would be educationally with my child. She has benefited from the 1:1 environment and has achieved grade level status. The center has been a God send to us and her tutor Denise is amazing. The staff is so personal, helpful and professional. Thank you for helping us “Retrain the Brain”.

    ~ Gigi G.

  4. We have only been here a week, but my daughter has been very excited to get here for tutoring. Everyone has been very nice and welcoming!

    ~ Jennifer D.

  5. I have been impressed with the center from the start. Everything has been very positive. My son has been blessed with a great tutor, and I have learned so much in the last year. It has been invaluable. The staff is fantastic, friendly, helpful and inspiring. I just hope I can be up to the change to deliver instruction at this center’s level. Thanks for everything. Love you guys!

    ~ Christine B.

  6. We have seen our son’s reading vastly improve. Based on school testing, our son is almost reading at grade level. We are so happy. We have also noticed a confidence in him not experienced previously. We couldn’t be more happy and proud of his achievements. The center is teaching a life skill that is so important. We appreciate everything the center has done.

    ~ Rick W.

  7. Thank you for helping my daughter. We appreciate all that the center does.

    ~ Polly G.

  8. I have strongly enjoyed my son attending – myself and teachers have seen the “Leaps and Bounds” he has made. He has become a stronger reader and is able to comprehend all that he has read. The staff is awesome and is always there to help in any way they can. This is a great resource for families, and I am highly grateful they were there.

    ~ Ronda B.

  9. My son has made tremendous progress since starting at the Dyslexia Center. His reading has greatly improved. I can’t say enough “thank you’s” for the help the center has given my son, especially his tutor, Denise. I will always be grateful to the Dyslexia Center.

    ~ Anonymous

  10. I am very grateful that my son has had the opportunity to come to this center where we are always welcomed by wonderful staff members. The fundraisers are a great way to get involved and a way to give another child a chance to get tutored. I wish we lived closer so we could enjoy them as well, but will try to attend when we can. Thank you again for all you do to help others. It is greatly appreciated!

    ~ Telisa N.

  11. My son’s experience has been excellent! He enjoys going to the center. I have seen his confidence grow. Thank you!

    ~ Angie C.

  12. Since attending the center by grandson has improved in Reading and Language Arts. His classroom teacher says that she has seen his confidence level increase. He is more willing to answer questions.

    The quality of the tutoring services is excellent due to the leadership and organizational skills of the director.

    ~ Anonymous

  13. I have been pleased with the quality of services that our family has received from the Scottish Rite Dyslexia Center. My son has enjoyed working with his tutor this year and has gained confidence in reading at school. Although he has a long road ahead of him, the center has made the learning process fun. He enjoys the lessons and doesn’t feel as if he’s being given “extra homework” or being punished for his academic struggles. He recently joined the Lector Club at school and read a short passage at a church mass at school in front of his peers. This would seem like an unremarkable task to most families but was a positively emotionally charged experience for both he and I. I was both proud and amazed that he had gained enough confidence to read aloud in front of a crowd despite his dyslexia. He still has “good and bad days” but I feel fortunate that he has been admitted to this program and I am looking forward to seeing how he progresses over the next year.

    In addition to the quality tutoring, the staff has been extremely kind, professional and respectful of our family’s privacy. The parents I have met during my son’s tutoring sessions have provided valuable insight, as well as tools and helpful hints to navigate through homework, testing, and kids’ self-esteem issues. These parents have also served an unofficial support group making me feel like we are not alone in the struggle with dyslexia. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with our experience at the center. Thank you to the staff, donors, and volunteers for providing these students with this opportunity.

    ~ Danielle C.

  14. We have had a wonderful experience at the Children’s Dyslexia Center. Everyone is friendly and works very hard to make sure the children are successful. My son has greatly benefited from the one on one tutoring services provided. We just had his annual review for his IEP and his teachers are excited about his progress. My son also shares the “tricks” he has learned with his peers and teachers. He is excited that he can help others become better readers, too!

    Thank You!

    ~ Anonymous

  15. I cannot express enough how excited we are about the progress our son has made since he began attending the center. His progress has been remarkable. You guys really have made a huge impact in our lives. Homework has gotten easier and our son is really excited about reading! His grades have improved and his confidence level is through the roof!

    ~ Anonymous

  16. The Children’s Dyslexia Center has been such a fantastic resource. Before my son began tutoring here, he absolutely detested school, homework, and especially reading. Now, he not only looks forward to going to school, but also, enjoys the new challenges he might encounter when he gets the opportunity to read and learn something new! Although we’ve only been attending the center for a few months, my son has demonstrated more independence when doing his homework, more confidence, an eagerness to learn and more maturity and responsibility. I believe this is all due to the increased level of confidence he has in his abilities as a learner. This confidence he found all because of his tutor and the work they do at the Children’s Dyslexia Center. I’m eternally grateful for everything the center has done for my son and my family!

    A Parent of a Future Graduate

  17. The center has not only helped with the skills of reading, but more importantly, the confidence level. My daughter struggled in school and it affected her whole life, now she is not only reading better, but believes she’s smart (which she is!)

    A Parent of a Future Graduate

  18. I do not attend due to my work schedule, my mother in laws bring (my son), but I have noticed a huge difference in his spelling & reading during his time in the evenings, here at home, when doing homework, and his tutor at school and his teacher even state the differences they have noticed. Great experience thus far for (my son)!!

    A Parent of a Future Graduate

  19. My only struggle with the Dyslexia Center is when we have to miss. I completely understand the need for an attendance policy. I am wondering if there could be a way to give students some flexibility because sometimes scheduling conflicts can’t be avoided. So maybe there can be make up times or 2 – 3 miss coupons given when they start. This might keep absence low but allow for flexibility if necessary. Otherwise this place is AWESOME!

    A Parent of a Future Graduate

  20. The Dyslexia Center has been a great blessing for our family. (My daughter) struggled through inadequate curriculum designed to be a “one size fits all”. As her mother, I knew she was intelligent and could achieve great things. We just hit a wall when it came to reading.

    Once we were accepted to the Dyslexia Center I cried. We knew this place was exactly what she needed. They understood what she was struggling with and had the tools to help. She has grown so much over these 2 years – academically as well as personally.

    Thank you Mrs. O. and Mrs. Fries for all your efforts to help (my daughter) succeed.

    Parent of a 2014-2015 Graduate

  21. We can’t thank the center enough for what they have done for our son. He has developed wonderful skills that have made him more confident and successful in reading. He enjoys coming to the center and loves his teacher. I have recommended the center to others at this school. We wouldn’t be where we are today had we not found the center. Wonderful, friendly staff!!!

    A Parent of a Future Graduate

  22. (My son) doesn’t like to go to school or his after school tutoring, but he really looks forward to coming here to be able to do his “egg words”. I love that they find ways to make learning fun for the children. We recently took a trip to the zoo and he stopped to read as many of the signs as he could.


  23. This center truly saved (my son). His confidence has improved because of this center. He enjoys reading more these days. His school work has improved and he has even been able to share what he has earned here with his teacher at school. He is really going to miss not coming here anymore. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done. We really appreciate you all. If we can help with anything in the near future please feel free to call us. You will always have our support.

    A parent of a 2014-2015 graduate

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